Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Premature Ejaculation And How To Deal with It.

Causes of premature ejaculation is not clear and the disease is believed to those suffering from psychological problems. To understand how premature ejaculation can be successfully treated, first we need to know some facts related to ejaculation and its mechanism.

The mechanism of ejaculation is actually quite complicated and is associated with three different processes simultaneously:

A release of semen from the prostate (seminal production),
move the semen out the prostate and penis (ejaculation),
and prevention of semen going backwards into the bladder (bladder neck closure).

In simple language, male ejaculatory mechanism consists of two reflexes: lymph vassal and urethromuscular. Vassal gland reflex seems to bring the semen to the posterior urethra (emission phase of ejaculation) and then urethromuscular reflex ejects it to the exterior (ejection phase of ejaculation).

Involved in the mechanism of ejaculation is connected, striated muscles at the base of the penis called bulbospongiosus. Upon reaching the urethra seminal fluid round, bulbocavernosus muscle contraction (BCM) compresses the urethra and expelled its contents.

Knowing this information is necessary because any dysfunction of all mentioned above seem to induce ejaculatory disorders and any treatment is closely connected with this dysfunction.

"Squeeze Technique" aims to educate bulbocavernosus muscle to eliminate involuntary contractions that may cause ejaculation with minimal sexual stimulation. This technique is very successful if the patient has a partner who understands. Those who suffer from premature ejaculation could not resist stimulation by partner until ejaculation occurs. Before ejaculation, the couple should be noticed when the penis is almost premature and he should prevent it before going. As soon as the sensation of ejaculation to be happening is over, the process is repeated. With this, gradually a man can extend penetration until ejaculation.

"Stop and start" method involves sexual stimulation until the man felt almost to ejaculate. Stimulus is then defused about thirty seconds and then may be resumed. This sequence is repeated until ejaculation is desired, end time allows stimulation to continue until ejaculation occurs. To be successful these methods also require the cooperation of both the partners.

To reduce the stimulus for men with premature ejaculation problem is that there are several creams available that can partially anesthetize (numb) the penis and reduce the stimulation that leads to orgasm. Another option is to use one or more condoms. However, usually these techniques can reduce pleasure during sex.

Besides, you can get your doctor's advice to suggest remedies that can help to delay ejaculation. Delayed orgasm is a common side effect with the use of certain medications, particularly those used to treat depression. When this type of medication is given to men who suffer from premature ejaculation, it can help to delay orgasm until a few minutes.
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